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  • Admissions Coaching

    Fully-customised suite of services from building your personal brand, developing your academic portfolio, essay writing support and interview preparation

  • Test Preparation

    We offer comprehensive test preparation in a variety of learning modalities, from individual classes, group classes and a hybrid approach

  • Resource Library

    Access resources for every component of your application and excel in both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the university admissions process. All you need to know about preparing for your university and scholarship applications: academics, extra-curricular and more.

Your one-stop to help you prepare for your future.


You are unique and we will help you cultivate your talent and maximise your potential. We provide holistic guidance, helping you navigate the complexities of the university application process.


Our coaches are experts at nurturing individuals to discover and leverage their own strengths, enabling them to continue their growth long after our services are over.


Our programmes will not only help you prepare for your university application and standardised tests, but also develop the skills and insights to enter post-secondary life with confidence.

Our Track Record

ICON is the leader

We lead the pack in standardised test preparation tutoring and admissions application coaching.

Our deep knowledge of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore systems allows us to advise students on their best higher education options locally and abroad
> 20 Years

of successfully placing students in prestigious universities such as the Ivy League and Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and highly competitive programs such as Medicine and Law

College Acceptances
3 in 5

Acceptances to competitive colleges, often with some form of scholarship!

University Acceptances
1 in 3

Acceptances to OxBridge and Ivies

We have unparalleled expertise in all major standardised tests as well as the latest developments in testing requirements. Over 70% of our clients achieve standardised test scores in the 90th percentile.

> 30,000



You are unique and we will help cultivate your talent and maximise your potential.

We provide holistic guidance. ICON helps you navigate the complexities of the college application process while aligning your current academic and extra-curricular activities.

  • Our coaches are specialists and experts in their specific areas of coaching
  • We count former admissions officers, alumni interviewers from top universities, Masters and PhD holders among our highly qualified coaches
  • Our coaches nurture students to discover and leverage on their strengths, enabling them to continue their growth long after our services are over.
  • We bring best coaching practices, sound pedagogy and personalised instruction together for premium and holistic guidance customised just for you.
  • We offer flexible coaching options — from face-to-face to hybrid coaching — designed to fit your time and budget.

Our Methodology: ACE

It’s no secret that our approach works and we’re sharing with you how you can ACE your university application


Ace your standardised tests

  • Standardised tests are often used to evaluate the academic abilities of international students and those who may not have traditional qualifications, such as an IB or A-level certificate

  • Our coaches are top test-takers who will help you achieve the scores you need to demonstrate that you have the academic skills and knowledge to succeed

  • C C

    Curate your application materials

  • Take a strategic approach to the application process by matching your strengths, academic results and extra-curricular activities to your universities of choice

  • Systematically build your application portfolio to demonstrate your passions and academic interests

  • E E

    Execute your plan

  • Detailed timelines help you keep track of test and application deadlines

  • Regular check-ins and coaching sessions keep you accountable and ensure that you are consistently working toward your goals

  • Progress reports ensure that you keep to the game plan and help you course-correct if you slip-up or miss your targets

  • Over 80% of our clients were accepted to NUS and NTU-Imperial MBBS programmes

    — Testimonials

    We love it when our clients share their success stories with usso we can brag about it.

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