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Navigating the journey to higher education can be quite daunting

If you're dealing with uncertainty or struggling to build your portfolio, do any of these concerns sound familiar?

Unsure about your academic focus?

Confused about choosing the right university?

Struggle to identify your strengths & passions?

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Launch doesn't stop at university admissions preparation; it empowers you with skills and knowledge to thrive in all aspects of your academic life, laying the foundation for your success in university education.

What We'll Explore

Understanding Positive Psychology:

Dive into the science of happiness and well-being and discover how a positive mindset can enhance your academic life.

Introduction to the Strong Interest Inventory:

Uncover your unique interests and preferences, guiding you toward an academic and career path aligned with your passions.

Mastering Goal Setting:

Learn the art of setting clear, achievable goals that fuel your motivation and propel you toward success. We'll provide practical techniques to help you stay focused and achieve your ambitions.


Kenji Li

BA (NUS); NIE; MOE Scholar

Khush Saraf

BA (NUS); MSt (Oxford)

Seminar Details


Online via Zoom


23 Nov 2023, Thursday


7:30 PM – 9 PM

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