Real education should educate us out of self into something far finer
–into a selflessness which links us to all humanity.

Nancy Astor, first woman in British parliament

At ICON+ we believe education is a path to self improvement and enrichment. To keep the fruits of that enrichment to ourselves would squander an opportunity to give back to the community that fostered us. That is why we are committed, at a company-wide level, to engaging with our local community in Singapore and further afield in the region to repay the kindness we ourselves receive.

Please take a look at our initiatives to make a positive and lasting difference and see if any of the volunteer opportunities interest you too!

Little Green Pots for Rainbow Centre #Givingweek2017

Rainbow Centre caters to children of all ages, with two Early Intervention Programmes (EIP) for children two-months to six-years old, and two Special Education (SPED) programmes for students aged seven- to eighteen-years old.


#Givingweek 2016
East Coast Park

Our second year in attendance, ICON+ is thrilled to be part of the national movement that brings the community together – #GivingWeek. Be part of the City of Good. Protect, Conserve and Sustain Our Environment.


#Givingweek 2015 with Simei Care Centre and Bishan Home

Christmas is coming and to celebrate the spirit of giving, ICON+ is excited to participate in this year’s #GivingWeek, a national movement that will bring together individuals, companies and non-profits to promote their giving initiatives.


Befriending youths with disabilities @ Riding for the Disabled

As part of our longstanding commitment to community service, we committed to a 10-week volunteer program with the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), the only organization in sunny Singapore providing equine assisted therapy to individuals.


Organizing a food donation drive for the elderly @ O’Joy Care

For the entire month of December, ICON+ pledged S$10 towards a food drive organized for O’Joy Care Services for every registration it received. O’Joy Care is a non-profit organization that aims to enhance the well-being of the elderly and their families.


Fundraising for MINDS, the Red Cross and SPCA

After counting all votes cast, we are proud to announce the following figures: MINDS – S$247; The Red Cross – S$190; SPCA – S$223, resulting in a grand total of S$660! These contributions were happily made towards the respective charities in 2014.


Disabilities @ Asian Women’s Welfare Association

Every month, our five big-hearted volunteers discover new styles of teaching, communication and interaction, an experience we have found incredibly rewarding. To this day, the social outreach program at AWWA has been a great success.


Learners @ Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre

Our success today was achieved only through the firm support of our clients and corporate partners throughout the years. While we are thankful for our accomplishments, we at ICON+ understand that this bestows upon us a duty to help those in need.


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