Our Efforts to Fight COVID-19

25 March 2020

ICON+ Education Group Puts Classes Online

In response to recent spike in imported COVID-19 cases, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 24 March that all centre-based tuition and enrichment classes will be suspended until 30 April. The intention is to limit the mixing of students from various schools to contain any further contagion.

We at ICON+ Education Group understand that, as students and parents with an eye toward maximizing university admissions outcomes, as professionals seeking graduate studies for career advancement, you likely have questions about how to proceed during this challenging and unpredictable period.

Fully aware that stricter regulations may well be enacted to safeguard Singapore’s population, for the past months, the staff at ICON+ have been diligently preparing to put our classes, both group and personalized, online. After exploring and testing multiple virtual learning platforms, we have handpicked a few that, we believe, will most ideally suit the needs of our students. These one-stop learning solutions provide students an interactive and engaging educational experience comparable, if not superior to, in-person lessons.

While the classes will be conducted online, our centre remains open to clients on an appointment-basis, to prevent intermingling. Our staff are on hand to answer queries and offer support to any client who requests it.

After pioneering standardized test preparation in Singapore in 1999, ICON+ has extended its reach across countries in Asia Pacific, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and India. Having successfully coached over 30,000 students, we are widely recognized by many leading institutions, such as the National University of Singapore, as the expert in this field.

Throughout the past decades, through multiple national and global crises, we have stood strong to support students with their professional and academic goals. Our aim has always been and will always be to provide our clientele a premier learning experience and the best chance of getting into a top school. The COVID-19 situation changes nothing for ICON+ in terms of this broader vision.

It’s business as usual for ICON+ Education Group.

William Lin
Country Manager
ICON+ Education Group

19 February 2020

ICON+ Takes The Lead In Our Fight Against Covid-19

As the world braces itself for COVID-19 to adversely affect the lives of everyone in the coming months, ICON+ is at the forefront of ensuring the safety of all our students and staff. One day after the Ministry of Health raised the Risk Assessment to DORSCON Orange, we have since implemented the following measures, aligned with the latest government recommendations and best practices: 

  1. Temperature Checks – All ICON+ staff are required to take a minimum of 2 temperature checks daily, spread across 8 working hours. Likewise, before entering our premises, all students and visitors go through compulsory temperature taking. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degree celsius or higher will be asked to leave, but not before being handed a mask if he/she does not have one.
  2. Regular Hygiene Checks and Best Disinfecting Practices – We have many bottles of hand sanitizers placed within the premise, and have enough supplies within the centre to last for the next few months. The same goes for surgical masks, so feel free to ask for one! Our centre is also disinfected twice daily, Monday to Sunday, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone. 
  3. Declaration of Travel History – Anyone who wishes to enter our premise, is required to disclose his/her recent travel history. We do not allow anyone within the premise if he/she travelled within the last 14 days.
  4. Future Travel Advisory – All ICON+ staff and students are strongly advised against non-essential travel in the next few months. We understand that for Singapore to beat COVID-19, we all have to do our part. 
  5. Social Distancing – Our Group Classes are subdivided into smaller groups for social distancing to take effect. Now, each coaching group is limited to 10 students, half our usual class size. Chairs are placed further apart, observing the 1-metre social distancing advisory from the Ministry of Health.
  6. Comprehensive Online Learning – Our wide variety of prep options online allows our clients to receive high quality coaching at the comfort of their homes. Whether attending live-streamed group classes, real time, interactive  doubt clearing sessions or private tutoring, our students continue to get access to top notch instruction and content.

Let us do our part in this fight against COVID-19.

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