Need an English proficiency test for study purposes? One or more of TOEFL, PTE, or Academic IELTS may be accepted depending on the institution. Check with the institution and prepare for your preferred test.

What kind of English do you study? TOEFL is focused on North American English, whereas IELTS is based on British English. The Academic PTE uses a mix of British, American and Australian English.

For work or study? TOEFL is typically just used for academic purposes, whereas IELTS and PTE have two different formats – one Academic, one General.

Moving abroad? For those seeking to migrate to or work in English-speaking countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand and even Canada, General IELTS proficiency is often sufficient. PTE is also accepted for certain UK and Australian migration procedures.

Just want to work on your Basic or Business English skills? ICON+ offer dedicated English proficiency training.


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