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Does the LNAT Test my Knowledge of British Law?

Do you need to know British law to do well on the LNAT? Are you necessarily penalized if you were a non-British test-taker? We explore these issues and more! Does the LNAT Test my Knowledge of Law? As with most things in the world of

How Do I Register for the ISAT

The International Student Admissions Test (ISAT) is a computer-administered, multiple-choice standardized test administered to students applying to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary science or physiotherapy courses at selected Australian Universities.   The ISAT is designed to evaluate prospective medical students on the intellectual skills and abilities

Acing the Critical Reasoning Tasks on the ISAT

Critical Reasoning is one of the two aspects tested on ISAT— the 3-hour online examination for entry to med-schools in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. As described in the official website, Critical Reasoning (CR) “involves comprehending and analyzing information; understanding, applying and extending ideas; drawing

Words of Caution

Has anybody ever told you to choose your words carefully? Well, when it comes to the English language, you need to keep a guard not only on your tongue, but also on your pen (or keyboard). As you most probably know, a great deal of

Strike up the Bands: Understanding IELTS Scores

The IELTS scoring system is quite an enigmatic one. First off, it goes up to an arbitrary number of 9. Why not 10? Why not 11? Some IELTS researchers say it comes from Dante Alighieri’s work The Divine Comedy, in which the author travels through

Receptive English Language Skills: Reading and Listening

Before taking the IELTS or the TOEFL tests, it is imperative to have a grasp of the sections that are evaluated. In the tests, the four language skills are being measured to determine a candidate’s ability to understand and use English.   In education, the

Reading Skills for the IELTS Exam

The Reading Comprehension task of the IELTS exam requires you to utilize some effective reading strategies for a good score. Here are some popular tips that have helped many IELTS test takers achieve flying colors on the IELTS Reading section. Identify Context Clues It can’t

Pronunciation Word and Sentence Stress Rules

To get a high score on the TOEFL or IELTS speaking section, a test taker doesn’t have to sound like a native speaker. That’s not what the examiners are looking for. They only want to test a candidate’s ability to speak clearly and coherently in

IELTS Formal Business Letter

The General Training IELTS involves writing a letter as task 1 in the Writing section. The letter has to be written in 20 minutes so that there is ample time left for task 2, essay writing. Now, there are quite a few different types of

Eight Key Tips to Nail the IELTS Speaking Test

Most people experience some level of anxiety during a test. How could they not? They are questioned and evaluated by someone with superior knowledge in order to get the results on which so many things might depend. That sounds tough. Still, you should not allow
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