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Tips for Writing and Editing Your Personal Statement 

The Personal Statement is at the heart of most university and scholarship applications and it is one of the most challenging but rewarding written efforts that you will encounter in the admissions process.  It asks you to find a way to articulate who you are,

What is the importance of GMAT in B-School applications?

Understanding the Role of GMAT Scores in MBA Applications When working towards an MBA programme, the importance of achieving a high Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score cannot be overstated. This article will break down the importance of GMAT scores in MBA admissions, providing invaluable

Taking Care of Yourself In Your Law School Application Journey

The path to Law school is both exciting but immensely challenging. Aspiring lawyers often navigate a demanding application process, requiring not just academic excellence but an exceptional portfolio. Are you juggling extracurriculars, extensive reading, maintaining grades, all while trying to nurture a social life and

5 Things Your Personal Statement for University Should Capture

Writing your personal statement for your university application may seem like an intimidating task, but you should think of the planning and writing process as a way to think intentionally about yourself, your interests and what you plan to pursue at university. Your personal statement is an

Do I Really Need a Career Goal?

Do I Really Need a Career Goal? The pressure to establish a definitive career goal, particularly at a young age, can feel overwhelming. We often hear about entrepreneurs launching successful businesses in their teens or prodigies performing at Carnegie Hall multiple times. It’s natural to

How to Get into Duke-NUS Medical School

Duke-NUS is the only graduate medical school in Singapore. It offers an extremely selective MD programme that many Singaporean medical hopefuls set their sights on. Unlike local undergraduate medical schools like NUS and NTU, Duke-NUS is only for graduate entry. According to their admissions site,

How to Build a Great UCAS List

Building a great UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) list requires careful consideration and research. Before starting your university search, it is important to understand the university’s perspective and how they select students. Typically universities employ various selection processes, with some sharing similarities, but might

What does it mean to be mindful during the university application process?

Being mindful during the university application process involves approaching it with awareness, self-reflection, and a focus on personal growth. We understand that it can be difficult for students and parents during university admissions. So here are some points to consider in shifting mindsets and cultivating
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