About ICON+

20 +
years of experience
30000 +
students coached
top universities have accepted our students
> 70 %
achieve 90th percentile scores for most tests
About ICON+ Education

Pioneers in Test Preparation

Opening the gateway to higher education since 1999.

Previously managed by our affiliate, Aureus Consulting, admissions-related services such as standardised test preparation and university application are delivered by ICON+.

With the same team and methodology, we will continue to maintain the high service standards that is associated with Aureus Consulting.

Our iconic strategy from 20+ years of experience is based on sound pedagogy and instructional tools delivered by competent coaches. We spare no effort to deliver the content you need to prepare for your tertiary education admission.

Whether it is on the go, over the weekend or 30 minutes to spare, there is something in Gateway+ that will bring you one step closer to completing your University application. Student support and interaction with our coaches continue with monthly Q&As and Live Classes.

If you are looking for more customized guidance, we offer one-to-one coaching programmes.

Integrity | Quality | Empowerment

At ICON+, integrity guides our decisions and actions. We embrace the highest standards of excellence, hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions, and value personal and professional growth.

Our focus is to equip you with the necessary skills beyond University. We want you to thrive throughout your student life and as a professional.

Be part of our community that aims to support 5 million students in Asia by 2025.

Gateway+ gives you unlimited access to prepare for university entrance tests, application processes, interviews and more. Free 14-Day Trial.