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Aimed at Australian and New Zealand residents, the UMAT is used for selection of students into undergraduate level medicine, dentistry and health science programs in Australia and New Zealand. If you are an international applicant, you are advised to take the ISAT instead.

The UMAT is an aptitude test designed to assess the acquisition of skills across three constructs—Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People and Non-verbal Reasoning. It is a 3-hour, pen-and-paper examination conducted once a year, usually in July. Candidates must sit for the examination during the year in which they intend to apply to university.

Candidates receive a score for each of the three constructs (expressed on a scale of 0 to 100), together with an Overall Score (summation of the scores achieved on the three constructs), and an Overall Percentile rank (indication of their performance against other UMAT candidates).

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  • We Dream Big

    ISAT Cheong Jia Chin

    I signed up for the personal training program at ICON+ because I wanted to have one-on-one, personalized time with my ISAT Instructor. The course at ICON+ allowed me the flexibility of planning my own schedule and pacing myself as per my progress and performance! Moreover, the curriculum taught was well organised and systematic. With ample practice and revision at ICON+, I eventually felt that the actual test was easier! Thank you ICON+ for the help!

    Cheong Jia Chin

    Satisfied ISAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    UKCAT Chen Xiao Yu

    It was an enriching prep experience I had at ICON+. The course was comprehensive and structured, and the instructor placed just the right amount of emphasis on the various sections of the test. With that, I was able to pinpoint my strength and weaknesses and work accordingly! In addition, I was really impressed with the collection of library resources that I had access to for the BMAT & UKCAT. It helped me in my revision! Thank you!

    Chen Xiao Yu

    Satisfied UKCAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    ISAT Celia Tan

    I received the best service at ICON+—they accommodated to my training schedule and provided helpful test information! In addition, the training I received was comprehensive and effective because my instructor was very knowledgeable and imparted important exam tips! Thank you very much!

    Celia Tan

    Satisfied ISAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    UKCAT and ISAT Student Testimonia Siddharth S. Raj

    The lessons were very flexible and there were always make-up and review options. There was also a lot of material for me to practice, which I found very useful, seeing that the UKCAT is all about speed. To add, the instructors were all exceedingly nice and helpful! Thank you ICON+!

    Siddharth S. Raj, Singapore

    Satisfied UKCAT and ISAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    MCAT Testimonial Oka

    Coming Soon!

    Oka Prawira, Indonesia

    Satisfied MCAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    ISAT Testimonial Lim Mei Rong

    There were not any practices or books that I can get my hands for the ISAT, and I was unsure on what to expect. The practices provided at ICON+ really helped me in my preparation! There was a similar question that came out in the actual ISAT test! I’m glad that I have made the decision to join the group class – everyone was really earnest to ask questions and in turn I benefited from the discussion. I am very satisfied with my results and am immensely grateful to ICON+ for helping me prepare for this test.

    Lim Mei Rong, Singapore

    Satisfied ISAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    UKCAT Testimonial Victoria

    The practices that I received really helped me in my preparation journey. All in all, I attained a score of 750 on my UKCAT! Thank you, ICON+!! It was a wonderful learning experience!!!

    Victoria Chan, Singapore

    Satisfied UKCAT Client

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