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The LSAT is required for admission to law school in the US. It is administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) four times each year and aspiring candidates are only allowed to take it thrice in a span of two years.

The LSAT is a half-day exam which is composed of six sections: four sections that are in multiple-choice, one experimental section and a writing section. All sections are designed to assess the reading comprehension, logical and verbal proficiencies of the candidate.

Valid for 5 years, LSAT scores range from 120 to 180 and are usually released three to four weeks later via email. The majority of our LSAT students score 165 and above!

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  • We Dream Big

    GMAT Di Lu

    The course at ICON+ gave me thorough understanding of the nature of the GMAT, and its requirements. With that, I was able to zone in on my area of weakness and work on it. Additionally, I learnt superb techniques and received very helpful handouts! I would strongly recommend this course to all GMAT test takers!

    Di Lu

    Satisfied GMAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    GMAT Testimonial Ivan Egrov

    With the help from my instructor, who showcases the critical portions of the test in class, I was able to effectively work on the GMAT. What’s more, ICON+ is strategically located in the city centre which helps in the commute from work to the campus. All in all, I truly enjoyed my prep experience at ICON+!

    Ivan Egrov, Russia

    Satisfied GMAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    GMAT Testimonial Scott

    The overall experience and professionalism at ICON+ definitely exceeded my expectations. The ICON+ GMAT program helped me to achieve the perfect GMAT score needed for my MBA program!

    Scott McDaniel, USA
    SMU MBA Valedictorian,
    Class of 2013

    Satisfied GMAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    GMAT Testimonial RussellYee

    I was referred to ICON+ by my brother and a friend, who are both your ex-clients! GMAT is all about accuracy and efficiency – what was taught back in school cannot be applied in the GMAT – something that I’ve come to understand during the ICON+ program. With the right techniques and coaching, I achieved 760 and got into the SMU Wealth Management Program! Thank you so much for the help!

    Russell Yee, Singapore

    Satisfied GMAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    GMAT Student Testimonial Olena Sukhina

    ICON+ was very flexible in creating a customized schedule that worked best for my busy routine. I can confidently say that I was in the right hands from the very beginning!

    Olena Sukhina, Ukraine

    Satisfied GMAT Client

Over 85% of our clients score higher than the worldwide average and enter top schools such as


Massachusatts Institute of Technology


Imperial College London

University of Cambridge