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Like the SAT, the ACT is a standardized test that assesses a student’s potential to complete college-level work. Most universities in the US, such as UCLA, Boston University and UT Austin, accept both the SAT and ACT, so choosing the test to take will depend on a number of factors (e.g. academic performance and mental endurance). Usually, students take both the SAT and ACT and submit the better result in their university application.

The ACT is used to measure student achievement in English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing. The ACT comprises of 4 sections: English (45 minutes), Math (60 minutes), Reading (35 minutes), Science (35 minutes) and Writing (optional essay - 30 minutes). Scores, valid for 5 years, are on a scale of 1 to 36. At ICON+, most ACT students score above 30!

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  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Noorin

    I found the ICON+ SAT lessons really useful because my instructor taught us the right techniques to answering typical SAT questions. Also, the ICON+ campus is conveniently located just few minutes’ walk from the City Hall MRT – which is ideal! And yes, I would definitely recommend the program to my friends.

    Noorin Najmi Binte Nawi, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Qiaolin

    The concepts and techniques taught in the ICON+ SAT course were very useful and easy to understand. In addition, eGuru – the e-learning program you offer, allowed me to practice anywhere and anytime! Overall, the course has provided me with a very thorough understanding of the SAT.

    Qiao Lin, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Matt Ng

    The environment in which the lessons were conducted was very conducive for my learning. Besides improving my grammar, reading and writing skills, the ICON+ SAT course taught me better ways to approach the test questions!

    Matt Ng, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Shiquan

    The e-learning program was advanced, and hence, trained me rigorously for the D-Day! All in all, my training was comprehensive, effective and personal—without ICON+, I wouldn’t have made the 450 points improvement that I did!!!

    Xie Shiquan, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Shuxin

    Initially, I was lost and unsure of the SAT content. After attending the class, my instructor provided the focus which was structured and systematic. We had all the practices on the SAT that we need. In addition, the environment is really conducive for learning as everyone had the same goal! Thank you so much for the guidance. I obtained a 2140 on my SAT – a significant jump from my first attempt!

    Gao Shu Xin, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Physics Testimonial Matthew

    I scored a PERFECT score of 800 for SAT Physics. ICON+ was my pillar of support and helped me excel!

    Matthew Neo, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Ben

    I would say that I had a very fulfilling and memorable experience at ICON+. I aced the SAT - scored 2240 on my first attempt!!

    Benjamin Ho, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

  • We Dream Big

    SAT Testimonial Liang Kun

    Having achieved an SAT score of 2330, I can confidently say that my experience at ICON+ was an enriching one! I received very useful techniques and comprehensive notes that helped me prepare holistically.

    Ong Liang Kun, Singapore

    Satisfied SAT Client

Over 85% of our clients score higher than the worldwide average and enter top schools such as


Massachusatts Institute of Technology


Imperial College London

University of Cambridge