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GMAT Testimonial RussellYee

I was referred to ICON+ by my brother and a friend, who are both your ex-clients! GMAT is all about accuracy and efficiency – what was taught back in school cannot be applied in the GMAT – something that I’ve come to understand during the ICON+ program. With the right techniques and coaching, I achieved 760 and got into the SMU Wealth Management Program! Thank you so much for the help!

Russell Yee, Singapore

Satisfied GMAT Client

SAT Testimonial Liang Kun

Having achieved an SAT score of 2330, I can confidently say that my experience at ICON+ was an enriching one! I received very useful techniques and comprehensive notes that helped me prepare holistically.

Ong Liang Kun, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

IELTS Student Testimonial Khai Hsing

If I had studied myself, I would have gotten maximum 7, but with the ICON+ IELTS course, I got an 8! It was definitely money well spent!

Khai Hsing, Malaysia

Satisfied IELTS Client

TOEFL Testimonial Rakendu

I would definitely recommend the ICON+ TOEFL course to my friends. The study resources are good, the e-learning program (eGuru) is helpful, the teacher is very encouraging and the customer service personnel are really nice.

Rakendu R.S, India

Satisfied TOEFL Client

SAT Testimonial Ben

I would say that I had a very fulfilling and memorable experience at ICON+. I aced the SAT - scored 2240 on my first attempt!!

Benjamin Ho, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

UKCAT Testimonial Victoria

The practices that I received really helped me in my preparation journey. All in all, I attained a score of 750 on my UKCAT! Thank you, ICON+!! It was a wonderful learning experience!!!

Victoria Chan, Singapore

Satisfied UKCAT Client

GMAT Student Testimonial Olena Sukhina

ICON+ was very flexible in creating a customized schedule that worked best for my busy routine. I can confidently say that I was in the right hands from the very beginning!

Olena Sukhina, Ukraine

Satisfied GMAT Client

ISAT Testimonial Lim Mei Rong

There were not any practices or books that I can get my hands for the ISAT, and I was unsure on what to expect. The practices provided at ICON+ really helped me in my preparation! There was a similar question that came out in the actual ISAT test! I’m glad that I have made the decision to join the group class – everyone was really earnest to ask questions and in turn I benefited from the discussion. I am very satisfied with my results and am immensely grateful to ICON+ for helping me prepare for this test.

Lim Mei Rong, Singapore

Satisfied ISAT Client

IELTS  Testimonial Elanchezhian

I have cleared the test with the minimum of 7.5 across all sections! Credit will have to go to my instructor as he imparted test taking tips and tricks which really boosted my confidence. In addition to class content, eGuru was very handy, especially for the listening section of the IELTS. Overall, it was a good experience! I feel great!

Elanchezhian Sathiaseelan, India

Satisfied IELTS Client

TOEFL Testimonial Yongze

I enrolled myself for the ICON+ TOEFL course to get the perfect score that I needed for my university application. I must say, the overall experience was certainly enriching—the course notes, the e-learning program, the campus environment, and my instructor were very helpful. Hurray! Thank you, ICON+!

Yong Ze, Singapore

Satisfied TOEFL Client

SAT Physics Testimonial Matthew

I scored a PERFECT score of 800 for SAT Physics. ICON+ was my pillar of support and helped me excel!

Matthew Neo, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

SAT Testimonial Shuxin

Initially, I was lost and unsure of the SAT content. After attending the class, my instructor provided the focus which was structured and systematic. We had all the practices on the SAT that we need. In addition, the environment is really conducive for learning as everyone had the same goal! Thank you so much for the guidance. I obtained a 2140 on my SAT – a significant jump from my first attempt!

Gao Shu Xin, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

GMAT Testimonial Scott

The overall experience and professionalism at ICON+ definitely exceeded my expectations. The ICON+ GMAT program helped me to achieve the perfect GMAT score needed for my MBA program!

Scott McDaniel, USA
SMU MBA Valedictorian,
Class of 2013

Satisfied GMAT Client

SAT Testimonial Shiquan

The e-learning program was advanced, and hence, trained me rigorously for the D-Day! All in all, my training was comprehensive, effective and personal—without ICON+, I wouldn’t have made the 450 points improvement that I did!!!

Xie Shiquan, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

IELTS Testimonial Gulnara

ICON+ has exceeded my expectations in terms of its instruction, curriculum and customer service. Because eGuru is such a convenient online learning resource, I am able to practice constantly, even when I’m on the go!

Gulnara Meholiyeva, Azerbaijan Baku

Satisfied IELTS Client

SAT Testimonial Matt Ng

The environment in which the lessons were conducted was very conducive for my learning. Besides improving my grammar, reading and writing skills, the ICON+ SAT course taught me better ways to approach the test questions!

Matt Ng, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

SAT Testimonial Qiaolin

The concepts and techniques taught in the ICON+ SAT course were very useful and easy to understand. In addition, eGuru – the e-learning program you offer, allowed me to practice anywhere and anytime! Overall, the course has provided me with a very thorough understanding of the SAT.

Qiao Lin, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

GMAT Testimonial Ivan Egrov

With the help from my instructor, who showcases the critical portions of the test in class, I was able to effectively work on the GMAT. What’s more, ICON+ is strategically located in the city centre which helps in the commute from work to the campus. All in all, I truly enjoyed my prep experience at ICON+!

Ivan Egrov, Russia

Satisfied GMAT Client

IELTS Testimonial Yugendar

The comprehensive class content and training from my instructor really helped in honing my time management skills—something I wouldn’t have achieved by myself through self-study. Thank you ICON+! I truly appreciate your efforts!

Yugendar Sundar, India

Satisfied IELTS Client

SAT Testimonial Noorin

I found the ICON+ SAT lessons really useful because my instructor taught us the right techniques to answering typical SAT questions. Also, the ICON+ campus is conveniently located just few minutes’ walk from the City Hall MRT – which is ideal! And yes, I would definitely recommend the program to my friends.

Noorin Najmi Binte Nawi, Singapore

Satisfied SAT Client

IELTS Testimonial Chawsunaing

My experience at ICON+ was extremely satisfying. My IELTS teacher taught me really good test techniques that helped me to get a high band score! ICON+ is surely an effective test prep center!

Chaw Su Naing, Myanmar

Satisfied IELTS Client

TOEFL Student Testimonia Lynn Chen

I am very pleased with the service and the results produced! With your help, they have gained acceptance to the colleges of their choice in the US! Thanks again for all your encouragement given to them during their period of study at ICON+!

Lynn Chen
Guardian of Zoey and Wilson, Singapore

Satisfied TOEFL Client

UKCAT and ISAT Student Testimonia Siddharth S. Raj

The lessons were very flexible and there were always make-up and review options. There was also a lot of material for me to practice, which I found very useful, seeing that the UKCAT is all about speed. To add, the instructors were all exceedingly nice and helpful! Thank you ICON+!

Siddharth S. Raj, Singapore

Satisfied UKCAT and ISAT Client

ISAT Celia Tan

I received the best service at ICON+—they accommodated to my training schedule and provided helpful test information! In addition, the training I received was comprehensive and effective because my instructor was very knowledgeable and imparted important exam tips! Thank you very much!

Celia Tan

Satisfied ISAT Client

IELTS Student Testimonial Suu Mon Myint

I’m really pleased with my results! My Instructor patiently worked on my weak areas and helped me to attempt mock tests in a very organized way! In addition, I made new friends and enjoyed the interaction during group discussions. All in all, it was a fun and enriching experience at ICON+. Thank you so much!

Suu Mon Myint

Satisfied IELTS Client

UKCAT Chen Xiao Yu

It was an enriching prep experience I had at ICON+. The course was comprehensive and structured, and the instructor placed just the right amount of emphasis on the various sections of the test. With that, I was able to pinpoint my strength and weaknesses and work accordingly! In addition, I was really impressed with the collection of library resources that I had access to for the BMAT & UKCAT. It helped me in my revision! Thank you!

Chen Xiao Yu

Satisfied UKCAT Client

ISAT Cheong Jia Chin

I signed up for the personal training program at ICON+ because I wanted to have one-on-one, personalized time with my ISAT Instructor. The course at ICON+ allowed me the flexibility of planning my own schedule and pacing myself as per my progress and performance! Moreover, the curriculum taught was well organised and systematic. With ample practice and revision at ICON+, I eventually felt that the actual test was easier! Thank you ICON+ for the help!

Cheong Jia Chin

Satisfied ISAT Client


The course at ICON+ gave me thorough understanding of the nature of the GMAT, and its requirements. With that, I was able to zone in on my area of weakness and work on it. Additionally, I learnt superb techniques and received very helpful handouts! I would strongly recommend this course to all GMAT test takers!

Di Lu

Satisfied GMAT Client

MCAT Testimonial Oka

Coming Soon!

Oka Prawira, Indonesia

Satisfied MCAT Client

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Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Amrit Vaidyanath 490 710 220
Ashish Kumar 640 750 110
Chris Wan 560 560 180
Daniel Macklin 520 730 210
Derek Lim 550 710 160
Eng Wan Lung 580 710 130
Imad Zafar 550 700 150
Indranil Guha 480 740 260
Jason T. Widjaja 500 760 260
Kent Ang Kiat Boon 330 660 330
Kevin Teo 600 700 100
Kok Siong Koh 560 710 150
Lam Kwan Wai 560 740 180
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Lau Yi Xian 400 700 300
Louis Tan 500 690 190
Mark Holleman 500 730 230
Melvin Gwee 470 710 240
N. Sampath 660 760 100
Poongothai Krishnan 520 700 180
Rajesh Krishnan 590 780 190
Sharshwat Nanda 540 700 160
Tan Chek Tee 540 700 160
Tiju Tom 500 700 200
Tina Lim 520 730 210
Zhang Haodong 680 760 80
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Mehr Qureshi - 1420 -
Michael Wang 1020 1370 350
Roshini Prakesh 1020 1410 390
Teo Hsiao Huei - 1420 -
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Anantha Sai - 7.5 -
Athalia Keisha Pathmawathie 6 8.5 2.5
Ma Ei 6 8 2
Quynh Anh Lam 5 7 2
Soon Hwee Ping - 7.5 -
Suu Mon Myint - 8 -
Titin Suparman 5 7.5 2.5
Yugendar Sundar - 7.5 -
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Aileen Kartika Putri Suteja 1610 2020 410
Arvind Ravichandran 1620 2070 450
Colin Teo 2180 2320 140
Hari Sivakumar 2090 2220 130
Jackie Lin - 2300 -
Kenneth Wong 1560 2020 460
Maria Stelliana R.S 1730 2020 290
Mateusz Gwóźdź 1580 2030 450
Nicholas Koh 1620 2190 570
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Ong Liang Kun 2060 2330 270
Pan Fei 1840 2010 170
Phyu Mee Khine 1820 2030 210
Raghu H. 1640 2160 520
Shaunak Bose Neil 1480 2000 520
Siddarth Eapen George 2000 2210 210
Srinivasan Viswanathan 1540 2000 460
Vanessa Hwang 1730 2100 370
Xia Yicheng 1690 2030 340
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Amrin Bilkhia 55 112 57
Guardian of Zoey and Wilson - - -
Jenny Zhang 80 110 30
Justin Mah 80 116 36
Li Shaozhe 75 110 35
Li Xiaohong 60 105 45
Michelle Tanzil 70 102 32
Zhong Ruifeng - 106 -
Name Pre-course Score Post-course Score Improvement
Amy Pannapat (UKCAT) - 3220 -
Annette Ong (UKCAT) - 2870 -
Chen Xiao Yu (UKCAT) - 2950 -
Raykal Sim (UKCAT) - 2820 -
Siddharth S. Raj (UKCAT) 2710
Victoria Chan (UKCAT) - 3000 -
Celia Tan (ISAT) - 181 -
Esabella Koh (ISAT) - 189 -
Jolene Loi (ISAT) - 186 -
Lim Mei Rong (ISAT) - 189 -
Samantha Shih (ISAT) - 187 -
Sathia Sushi (ISAT) - 186 -
Siddharth S. Raj (ISAT) 175
Chen Xiao Yu (BMAT) - 14 -
Rachel Nyam (BMAT) - 12.3, 4.5A -
Shirong Lin (BMAT) - 14.0, 4.0A -
Steven Tan (BMAT) - 14.0, 4.0A -
Vishnu K Sajeenth (BMAT) - 13.9, 4.0A -